50-50-bildsheader-1August 7th to August 15th 2021

Explore life in, under and by water!

The West Coast Maritime Week is celebrated from Ängelholm in the south to Strömstad in the north and is filled with hundreds of activities for young as well as old. Adventures abound as you join an exciting excursion on a research ship, climb the windy stairs of a light tower and go kayaking, snorkelling or even diving.

Meet the inhabitants of Kattegatt and Skagerrak, be guided through a nature reserve along the coast and learn about the sea in interactive exhibitions. Crabs, crayfish, mackerel and more can be caught from our fishing boat expedition while you learn more about sustainable fishing and have the chance to taste other fish and seafood.

There is much to explore along the west coast and most of the activities are free.

Most of the activities are in Swedish, but for many of them are language skills not needed.
The West Coast Maritime Week is an initiative from Region Västra Götaland to increase awareness of our marine environment and the sustainable use of its resources.

Information in Turkish, Arabic, Kurdish, Somali & Persian.

For more information contact Gunilla Fransson Bangura gunilla.fransson@vasterhavsveckan.se, +46 709-305930

Watch our films about Marine litter:

Plastic currents A marine dilemma for the west coast of Sweden

Marine litter (English subtitle)