By the Ocean we Unite

Plastic pollution has become one of the greatest environmental challenges of our time. Worldwide, on average eight billion kilos of plastics end up in our oceans every year – that is 23.000 kilos every single minute(!). Those plastics – ranging from large to microscopically small – cause devastating effects on the environment, animals and possibly ourselves. We no longer want to be on the sidelines.

By the Ocean we Unite is a Dutch foundation with charitable status (ANBI) that contributes to preventing more plastics from ending up in our oceans.

Through the organization of a variety of activities – sailing expeditions, lectures, documentaries & more (see below) – we conduct research, create awareness, educate and activate people, organisations and governments to make much needed changes. By joining forces with partners worldwide we increase our outreach and positive impact. Join us on our journey and help protecting our oceans, the animals and ourselves from plastic pollution.

Our activities during Västerhavsveckan:

Beach cleaning with ‘By the Ocean we Unite’ and ‘Plastic Change’

Lecture on plastic pollution in the seas

Visit the ’Fantasticko’ expedition vessel