Lecture on plastic pollution in the seas

Did you know that the North Sea and Skagerrak are saturating with (tiny) plastic particles? Where do they come from? What are the effects? What can we do about it? Come and find out at the Skagen Grå Fyr – Center for Trækfugle.
Listen to the firsthand stories from Dr. Nanne van Hoytema, research coordinator of Dutch foundation ‘By the Ocean we Unite’ and Henrik Beha Pedersen, founder of Danish ‘Plastic Change’. In an exciting and interactive collaboration, they will talk you up on the situation with plastic pollution and provide you with the tools to reduce your plastic footprint.

Tid: Søn 5 aug kl.19.00-20.00
Mødested: Skagen Grå Fyr – Center for Trækfugle, Fyrvej 36, 9990 Skagen
Pris: Arrangementet er gratis